Optimised for mobile: CrossMark v2.0

CrossMark buttonsCrossMark v2.0 is now available for you to implement on your publications. As described in a recent blog post, v2.0 brings a new, more modern look to the CrossMark button, and importantly, makes the CrossMark box fully responsive and optimised for mobile devices.

Upgrading involves a few simple steps:

1) Call the new CrossMark 2.0 dialog box:
In your HTML page templates you will need to replace the current CrossMark HTML/Javascript widget (most likely v1.5) with this new code snippet for v2.0:

<script src="https://crossmark-cdn.crossref.org/widget/v2.0/widget.js"></script>
<a data-target="crossmark"><img src="https://crossmark-cdn.crossref.org/widget/v2.0/logos/CROSSMARK_color_horizontal.svg" width="150" /></a>

This script will place a new version of the CrossMark button on your site using our content delivery network, and will call the fully-responsive CrossMark box. Most readers will see little difference in the design and layout of the information in the box, but those using mobile devices will have a much better experience accessing the new box.

2) Select the new CrossMark button to display
You can choose from any of the buttons available here by replacing the last part of the script with the appropriate name, e.g. …/CROSSMARK_Color_horizontal.svg

Complete snippets for each of the six .svg buttons can be found by viewing the source of this page.

The new buttons are .svg files, and can be re-sized according to your design needs by changing the image width in the image tag. We have fixed the ratios of the buttons in order to maintain visual consistency. We ask that whenever possible you use one of the buttons that contains the text “Check for updates”. The button with no text is provided for edge cases when only a very small area of a web page or PDF is available.

EPS files of all six variations of the button can be found here for use in PDFs.

For new PDFs please use one of the new CrossMark buttons. The link to embed in PDFs is not changing; these links are already pointing to v2.0 of the box. There is no requirement to replace existing CrossMark buttons in backfile PDFs. We do ask that you coordinate the new button implementation for both web and PDF articles.

While each publisher can decide when to switch over, we encourage you to upgrade sooner rather than later to get the benefits of the new box. As there are variable development schedules and the need for a testing period, we will continue to support CrossMark v1.5 until the end of March 2017.

Please contact crossmark_info@crossref.org if you have any questions about the release.